Компания " WP" - это польский производитель металлических трубок для транспортных средств.

В нашем предложении также: металические трубки в бухтах, гибкие тормозные трубки, мелкие детали для тормозной системы, а также приспособления и наборы для мастерских для изготовления тормозных трубок.


При создании компании WP мы руководствовались одной мыслью - остановить вас, когда вам это нужно. Мы хотим, чтобы количество начатых автомобильных путешествий всегда равнялось количеству законченных.

Every time you step out of the car and lock it, hearing this telltale click, our mission is accomplished. For almost 40 years, we have been producing components for brake systems, thanks to which you do not worry about whether you will be able to stop your speeding machine on time. You can make it with us. Metal brake lines are our specialty, but the growing market demand meant that the product portfolio has been expanded to include small elements of the brake system, tools and flexible brake hoses.


Технологический прогресс в автомобильной промышленности - это неудержимый процесс, он всегда происходил и будет происходить.

New technologies and systems designed to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and even pedestrians arouse a hard-to-hide admiration and truly set new directions for the development of the automotive industry. New cars are faster, more comfortable, more economical and, of course, safer.

However, let's not forget about the most important thing: every journey starts at 0 km / h and ends when the dial shows zero. An efficient braking system is the one to which we owe the success of every trip: long or short, it doesn't matter.


В компании WP внедрена система менеджмента качества ISO 9001: 2015, что означает, что все процессы регулярно проверяются внешним органом по сертификации TUV NORD. The highest quality of our assortment is our priority and is a feature that distinguishes us from the competition, the best proof of which is the number of trade partners recognized on the global automotive market who have decided to cooperate with us. In our plant, we have a laboratory with specialized research equipment, which we verify not only the raw material but also control the batches of products already produced. In addition to the fact that we care about the development and quality of our products, we also expand technical knowledge about them among customers. Through our actions, we are not only the market leader, but we are put in the role of experts who set the standards in this product group.


  • 1980

    Основание мастерской «Слесарное Производство - Витольд Пневски»

    В одном из районов Прушкова начинается производство болтов и гаек для автомобильной промышленности. С самого начала компания сосредоточилась на качестве и улучшении своей продукции.

  • 1986

    Дебют медных тормозных трубок

    From the very beginning, they were appreciated by customers. The offer included cables for Warszawa, Syrena, Nysa, Żuk, Fiat 125p etc., but most of all for Fiat 126p. For many consecutive years, the company sold brake lines through its own distribution network throughout the country, including for automotive stores. Some of them operate to this day or have transformed into a large distribution network.

  • 1992

    Мастерская преобразована в " Компанию WP "

    The company already had an established position in the spare parts market. The brand was valued for its quality. The range has been expanded to include PVF coated steel tubes, copper-nickel tubes, flaring tools and small parts of the brake system. In the following years, starting from the beginning of the 90s, participation in foreign fairs such as Automechanika Frankfurt and expansion into foreign markets began.

  • 2000

    20-летний юбилей компании

  • 2002

    Внедрение ISO 9001:2000

    С этого года все производство было охвачено системой менеджмента качества ISO 9001: 2000, а компания WP получила сертификат качества немецкой фирмы TUV NORD.

  • 2010

    30-летний юбилей компании

  • 2012

    Награда "The Automechanika Wind Rose Award”

    During the Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair, Przedsiębiorstwo WP was honored with the "The Automechanika Wind Rose Award" as the first Polish exhibitor to participate in most of the world's fairs organized by Automechanika. The sales model has also changed over the years WP cooperates with leading suppliers of brake system components and distributors in the country and abroad.

  • 2013

    Строительство нового офиса

    Еще один важный шаг в деятельности компании WP . Принято решение о начале строительства нового офиса компании.

  • 2014

    Сертификат ISO 9001:2008 и ISO/TS 16949:2009

    Сертификаты ISO 9001: 2008 и ISO / TS 16949: 2009, выданные DEKRA Certyfication, присоединились к группе сертификатов WP.

  • 2015

    Переезд на новое место

    The WP company has officially moved from Pruszków to its new headquarters in Kajetany at 8 Miedziana Street. The new building has an area of over 2000 m2. As a result, the production and storage capacities have been increased. In the new headquarters there are specially designed machines that automate the production process, as well as a laboratory in which the parameters of individual batches of material are constantly tested.

  • 2016

    «Медный урожай»

    Финал общенационального конкурса «Медный урожай», организованного WP.

  • 2020

    40-летний юбилей компании

    Summary of a large piece of automotive history of the Polish manufacturer of automotive parts. The WP company is the leader of the domestic market of ready made brake lines producers and sells its products to several dozen countries on several continents. It owes it to the continuous development and care of the quality of its products. As of today, the WP company is ISO9001: 2015 certified and audited by TUV NORD. The company trains professionals, educates drivers and acts preventively to improve road safety. The company exists mainly thanks to the customers and users of its products. It is thanks to them that it can develop and provide an assortment that meets the highest quality standards.

  • 2021

    Следующие годы приносят новые вызовы, но также и новые идеи, мы рады, что вы с нами, продолжаете нашу историю.