Absolutely YES. All the facts and myths about the use of copper brake lines are discussed in one of our articles available on the website: "WALL THICKNESS MATTERS"
No. The brake line is not a serviceable item. If part of the brake line is corroded or damaged, it should be replaced completely. It is not recommended to connect the old part with the new one, because apart from corrosion, the old brake line undergoes significant hardening over time. When trying to make up an old part, the flare may crack or delaminate. The punch or the tool itself can also be damaged.
There are no cataloged fuel lines by brands and models, but we can make them according to the sample or according to specific parameters such as outer diameter of the tube, type of flare, length of line and type of fitting (thread). If the specification matches with the materials at our disposal, we can make such a fuel line. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our company directly. CONTACT
Each of our tubes has an imprint along its entire length with the company name, production batch number and date of production.
The main difference that can be quickly verified is that our copper tube has a wall thickness of 0.9mm and that of our steel tube is 0.71mm. This difference is caused by the fact that copper, being more ductile than steel, must have a thicker wall to withstand bursting pressure above 1000 BAR. A copper tube is easier to profile, i.e. to compress the cable, and to profile it during assembly in relation to a steel tube, for which we must use special, adapted tools. The Copper Tube also has better anti-corrosion properties, which means that the "Product Life" is much longer than that of a steel tube. We also point out that there are also differences between the copper brake tubes available on the market, which is described in more detail in the article WP REPORT - NOT ALL ONE, OR DIFFERENCES BETWEEN COPPER BRAKE LINE .
The new steel tube can be flared with our tools:
5-WJ0100 (Stationary tool)
5-FTD-350 (Stationary tool)
5-FTD-414 (Hand tool)
Our offer of flaring tools for making the brake lines.
Double flare - DF, is done in two stages. First, we make the standard -SF flare (single flare), and then bend it to the center of the tube so as to obtain a double wall on the edge of the flare. Detailed instructions for flaring for individual tools from our offer can be found in the instructional videos section.


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