The set includes the most popular bleeder screws.

Bleeder screws when unscrewed are often damaged, thanks to this set you will always have a suitable element for replacement.

Index: 000ZO2

The composition of the set:

WP code Quantity
5-300-001110 pcs
5-300-001310 pcs
5-300-001515 pcs
5-300-001715 pcs
5-300-001915 pcs
5-300-003310 pcs
5-300-003915 pcs
5-300-005310 pcs
5-300-0053x10 pcs
5-300-006915 pcs
5-300-008620 pcs
5-300-008715 pcs
5-300-008810 pcs
5-300-009010 pcs
5-300-010015 pcs